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Model Pics
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Monday, July 7, 2014

You don't know me!

I went into a cosmetic store to pick up a few things.  I was dirty from working at my friend’s commercial plant nursery, and was in a hurry to get in and get out.  The woman from behind the counter gave me a, “Oh no one of those people looks.”  I looked behind me to see who she was looking at and quickly realized it was me.  I told her I needed some make up, and she showed some that was $32 a bottle, she said something to the effect that she knew it was expensive.  I gave her a dumbfounded look, really?  Just because I am not dressed to the nines and had my romeos on, and dirt on my shirt she was assuming my checking account was as poor as I appeared to be.  Granted I did look a little rough, but how many times have you judged someone by the way they look without knowing the circumstances?  I know I am guilty.  I bought the makeup and went out to the car feeling ashamed.  Why did I feel ashamed?  Because I had done that same thing to others without getting to know who they truly are, or because I let a complete stranger redefine me for a moment and made me doubt who I really am, or both.  I felt sick.  I know God was showing me myself in similar circumstances, and I didn't like it one bit.  I wanted to run right back in there and explain who I was and why I looked like I did.  Dumb.  Why did it matter what the clerk thought of me?  Why did I need her approval?  Why did I let her define me in that one moment?   Why is it easier to accept criticism than a compliment?  Why do we seek approval from others that do not truly know who we are?   God sees us from the inside out.  I think the lesson here is that we should try and do the same.

Challenge:  Ask yourself if you have been guilty of being either the clerk, or being me in this situation? Do you let others define you?  Is their perception of you truth or just an opinion? 



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