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Monday, October 3, 2011

Weeding lifes garden

When I woke up this morning and heard the weather report for the next week, I decided I

needed to get out and weed our garden. It was completely over taken with weeds and I

could barely tell the difference between what were weeds and what were plants. The task

seemed as if it would be endless, but as I got going I realized that it wasn’t as difficult as

I thought it would be. As I worked, I also came to the conclusion that if I had taken the

time throughout the summer to weed a little here and there, I would not be in this

situation to begin with!

Slowly I pulled and yanked and dug out the weeds that were smothering my bounty. Our

tomatoes were small and withered, along with the giant zucchini we had which were

unable to be seen due to the weed growth. It became apparent to me that our lives are

similar to our gardens. Relationships get tangled with problems that are left to fester and

grow until they all but choke them out. Life’s weeds are what we need to get rid of.

I have been blessed with a wonderful husband, and I am grateful everyday that we found

each other. We have a great relationship but we still have to pull weeds in order to

maintain our closeness. I want you to ask yourself what weeds need to be pulled in your

garden of life? Are you spending too much time on the computer instead of talking with

your spouse or children? Are you spending money unnecessarily just because buying

something new gives you comfort? Are you eating or drinking too much? Are you being

respectful of your spouse, children, friends or coworkers and listening instead of arguing?

Are you dealing with an anger problem that is escalating out of control? Are you taking

your weeds to work and school and letting them take over there to?

Take the time to sit down and write what weeds are in your garden of life and take the

time to work on getting rid of the excess baggage in order to live weed free!

As I finished the garden and looked back over all I had gotten rid of, I realized that I too

need to weed my own personal garden of life weekly instead of letting it grow out of

control. Once it grows out of control there is nothing left to do but till it up and start over!

If you have taken the time to plant it, take time to weed it so it can turn into the bounty

you expect it to be.