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Model Pics
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Beyond the limits

Is it possible to dream past our own human limits?  I say yes.  What is the definition of limit? According to the free dictionary it is,The point, edge, or line beyond which something cannot or may not proceed.  We are given choices everyday regarding limits.  When you go through a drive thru window you are asked if you want “Fries with that” or if you would like to upgrade to a larger size.  We know our limits with food, and seem to have no problem reaching past the full limit.  What would it be like to Super Size our dream limits?  Imagine envisioning your dream, and actually achieving more than what you thought possible!   

As many of you know might not know, actually having a monster truck has been my dream for many years.  I couldn’t  have known that the road I was on back then would lead me to where I am today.  Back in the early 90’s when “No Violence” was making its mark, I was sure we would have a monster truck.  We had our stickers on the Grave Digger and many other trucks that were running the circuit back in the mid nineties.  It wasn’t meant to be. 

Fast forward to 2009 as my friend Becky and I walked lap after lap at the Stayton Relay for Life.  We began to create a Monster truck t-shirt just in time for the Sublimity Harvest Festival.   We imagined that it would crush domestic violence, child abuse, addiction, and other social issues.  We laughed as the concept began to take form in our minds, and we continued to build on the dream. 

After the event I sent the idea to our design team, and they immediately called with questions about just how we thought this “t-shirt” should look.  I remember saying, “the truck is black”, and John saying, “No we need to make it green”.    As I look back I can still remember the looks on the designer’s faces as I began to explain exactly what I wanted the shirts to look like.  What is even more amazing is that we have been able to accomplish most of what we printed on that t-shirt.

On September 9 2011 our very first Break the Chain monster truck hit the dirt at the Sublimity Harvest Festival.  I got to watch it fly through the air and listen to the crowd roar with excitement!  Daron Basl our Break the Chain Monster driver walked away with the trophy for the evening.  Then came Saturday night and Daron hit a double to take home trophy number 2!  Sunday came and the Monster trucks crushed domestic violence, child abuse, child abduction,addiction, and many other issues were written on the cars.  It was the first annual Cause Day at the Sublimity Harvest Festival.  Daron drove our Break the Chain Monster and won the Championship!  You see, it did exactly what Becky and I had envisioned 3 years before.   
By the grace of God miracles happen every day.  We would like to thank the following people and businesses for making our dream a reality.  Daron Basl, Aaron Basl, Gary Basl, David Smith, Cascade Floors, Beyond Auto Repair, Stayton Tire, Service Graphics, CCC Inc, Santiam Towing and Recovery, Sublimity Insurance, D&W Automotive, De Nova Coffee, 1430 KYKN Radio, Withnell Motor Company, Stayton Auto Wreckers, B&B Auto Supply, Jim Burns, Brandon Hamilton, Matt Hays, Kris Stewart, Tom Ptacek, Neal Schumacher, Logan Nelson, Mike Klein, Ben Miley, our Sublimity Harvest Festival family and most importantly God for teaching me to dream beyond my limits. 
I know this isn’t’ the end of the dream but just the beginning.  I know that much bigger things are yet to come.  I dare you to dream beyond your limits.  To envision and follow the path that is waiting for you.  It definitely takes strength, faith, and love to push past the limits. There will be days when you think you just can’t take one more step, and others that you are on top of the world.   Like Jesus said, “It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it”.