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Model Pics
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Thursday, November 7, 2013

What is Break the Chain?

Break the Chain is a movement of change. We are a Social Awareness Racing team, apparel line and motivational speakers bringing awareness to social issues such as addiction, domestic violence, bullying, suicide, racism and abuse (to name a few).  We want everyone to know that those who have abused or have been abused are MORE than the abuse and addiction.  There is "Hope". 

We use racing, apparel and speaking to reach people with our message that you are more than the violence, abuse and addictions you have suffered.  We speak in schools,
 we race at many different tracks,  we attend parades and car shows, and we wear our voice. 

Break the Chain is here to shine a light on violence, abuse and addiction, and show the world that it is not our definition, and that together we can Break the Chain of what holds us back from becoming who we really are.

I have a challenge for you.  What is your definition?  How do you see yourself?  Does your abuse, or addiction control you even if it is something that happened long ago?  Does it still define you?  Have you been able to Break the Chain? Join us. Share your story.

Not everyone can race for us..., not everyone can speak out for us, but everyone can make a difference by simply getting dressed. 

Together, we will Break the Chain.