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Model Pics
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Break The Chain

Break the Chain Apparel makes speaking out against social issues as simple as racing or getting dressed .  With our awareness apparel, and break the chain racing team we spread the message that violence and addiction are not the norm.  Whether it is our anti bullying t-shirts, or any of our abuse awareness apparel, Break the Chain Monster truck,  S10 drag truck, V-8 Hot saw, enduro motocross bike, Mazda Miata, or any of our break the chain racing team, we want to help stop domestic violence, addiction and abuse by speaking out against the unspeakable by simply getting dressed.

When you purchase our clothing for a cause, you may inspire others to take the first step and ask for help.  By donating a portion of our sales to Project Change Reaction a nonprofit that goes directly into the schools to teach our youth about social issues so that they can break the chain of what for some has been a generational curse.   We as a society have a past that is filled with domestic violence, addiction, bullying and other types of abuse, but we can stand united whether it is with Break the Chain Racing team or Break the Chain’s awareness apparel and speak out without saying a word.  You do not have to be a victim to understand the importance of our awareness apparel.  You can show support by simply getting dressed.   Together we can become one voice, and send a strong message that we will, break the Chain of violence and addiction.  It’s as easy as wearing Break the Chain clothing with a voice, clothing for a cause to help stop domestic violence and other social issues.   Choose your voice, and join us as we reach out, to speak out by racing and simply getting dressed.

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